The WFC Advice Note on COVID-19, dated March 17, 2020, contained a key message that chiropractors should refrain from communications that make claims of effectiveness related to COVID-19 which infer that spinal manipulation / adjustment confers or boosts immunity or may enhance patients’ recovery. Today, the WFC has published a rapid review of the relevant literature relating to spinal adjustment / manipulation and immunity, which has been compiled by the WFC Research Committee and informs our advice.

The WFC Research Committee comprises the world’s leading scientists in chiropractic drawn from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Sweden and the United States. With hundreds of peer-reviewed publications between them, they have expertise in epidemiology, basic science, biomechanics, rehabilitation and clinical science.

At this time of critical challenges in global health, this review is consistent with the WFC’s #BeEPIC narrative and supports chiropractors in making informed decisions about the care they provide to patients and communities.